Register as a Supplier to Tasnee

Welcome to TASNEE Suppliers and Contractors Registration Website.
Tasnee is committed to driving for excellence in all we do to maintain a long term sustainable business which fully aligns with our Corporate Social Responsibly.  
 Tasnee are making to our Supplier Registration and Approval Process.  We are implementing Achilles as our primary supplier pre - qualification and monitoring process.  
by joining Achilles, suppliers will also benefit from:
  • Increased opportunities, Goods and Services offered visible Tasnee and to other buying organizations using Achilles Chemicals and Allied Industries platform
  • Reduced cost of sales
  • Access to update supplier data 24/7
  • Dedicated Achilles account support
Before you start your registration process , please make sure you read the guideline, and make sure the needed documents in PDF file or Microsoft word and ready in your desktop for upload.
For Current Tasnee Suppliers / Contractors, using this site, you can login with your user name and password to complete your registration and update your company information and uploading the up to date documents.
Our Supplier Registration Process ensures that all suppliers working with Tasnee (now or in the future) demonstrate the highest level of commitment to provide safe working conditions.
Tasnee-Achilles registration journey as below steps. More details are availble here.
In order to have comprehensive supplier profile to support Tasnee sourcing strategy and confirm that Tasnee suppliers committed to the principles as articulated in the Tasnee Supplier Code Of Conduct and operate to the highest ethical, safety, security, environmental and labor standards and adhere to anti-corruption principles
What is involved ?
  • Company Details
  • Bank Details
  • Ownership Details
  • Company Hierarchy
  • Company Classification & Scope of Supply
  • Tasnee Questionnaire
  • Required Documentation
Important message
Please be aware of the following:
  • You will only receive your Achilles Vendor ID once you pass qualification step.
  • Completing the Supplier Registration Process does not guarantee business with Tasnee.