Tasnee Announces the Commissioning Production of Titanium Sponge Project





Tasnee announced the commissioning production on the Titanium Sponge Project in Yanbu industrial city which starts today September 18, 2019 corresponding to Muharram 19, 1441H. The plant is located at Yanbu industrial city, with production capacity of 15,600 Tons/Year. The Project and the Ilmenite Smelter are major downstream projects in Tasnee titanium value chain.
The Project is owned by the Advanced Metal Industries and Toho Titanium Company Limited which is 65% owned by Advanced Metal Industries Co., Ltd. (owned 89.5% directly and indirectly by Tasnee), and the remaining (35%) of its share interest owned by Toho Titanium, a Japanese company.
The financial impact of this Project cannot be determined at this stage.