Tasnee Supplier Management Model

Qualification and Classification
Relationship Management
Performance/ Risk Management 
Qualify all suppliers based on a common set of criteria that are aligned with Tasnee’s strategy and standards including commercial, QSHE, CSR, and sustainability issues, The pre-qualification process and ongoing data management is managed for us by Achilles. The actual qualification status is determined by Tasnee.
Classify suppliers based on material or service provided. 
Categorization of suppliers based on their importance to the company (depending on the spend and the criticality of the material or service)
Manage supplier relationships with a clear governance structure which is based on supplier segmentation and performance management including corrective actions
Manage supplier performance using standard performance tracking tools and periodic reviews
Monitor risks with standard risk scorecards tailored to business requirements
  • Reduce supply chain risk and meet requirements from customers (e.g., brand, legal, reputational, environmental and supply risks) by ensuring we only work with high caliber suppliers.
  • To ensure that we are consistent and transparent with our qualifying standards across the company’s supplier base.
  • To ensure we manage risks associate with supply at the appropriate level.  
  • To make it easy for the supplier to update their information so that we have access to accurate information at all times.
  • Build a better understanding of the supplier based on spend, criticality to the business, and alignment with our Corporate Social Responsibility values
  • Optimize procurement resource allocation
  • Focus on building relationship with the most important suppliers that ensure shared CSR objectives 
  • Transparency between suppliers and the company through periodic feedbacks on performance targets and action plans
  • Collaborative problem solving
  •  Optimized top management involvement and development effort for critical and strategic relationships
  • To support fact-based conversation with suppliers
  • To apply consistent performance standards for suppliers across the company
  • Performance Recognition (awards)
  • Timely response to issues and risks that have high impact and high probability of occurrence